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Why Roblox Shutting Down ?

Why Roblox Shutting Down? The online gaming platform Roblox allows users to create their own mini-games for themselves and for others to play. It is most common among young children, gaining popularity since 2010 and especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s free to play, but the in-game currency, Robux, requires real money and is used to purchase games and small items. Users can also earn Robux by selling their games, and take advantage of 70% of the Robux they spend on their creations.

300 developers earn over $100,000 a year using Roblox. Here’s why the platform is down and whether the company has given up Roblox for free. Why Roblox Shutting Down?

Is Roblox Down

Is Roblox down?

Thousands of users reported issues on Twitter, with over 250 complaints on DownDetector. Roblox has experienced several days of outages, starting around midnight on Thursday 28th October and resuming service around 11:45pm on 31st October. Is roblox turned off?

The platforms are gradually bringing new areas online after internal maintenance issues are resolved. Server issues affect many services, including games and account information services.

Many users are unable to sign in and many services become unavailable. Nearly three million people were living on the platform shortly before the problem arose.

The number of players quickly dropped to just 300,000 as a result of the outage. The issue started on the evening of October 28 just before midnight and was acknowledged by the Roblox Status Twitter account, which is not affiliated with Roblox.

Why Roblox Shutting Down?

Roblox itself updated the company’s official services page at midnight on October 28 to say it was investigating and continuing to update over the weekend. Refurbished PC supplier select employees with high turnover

Roblox Status reported at 9.27am on Friday, October 29 that the cause of the outage had been identified as an internal service issue. Roblox is reportedly working on a fix, and at 2:26pm on Friday, October 29, Roblox Status wrote on Twitter that some aspects of Roblox might work again.

“Some aspects of the #Roblox site appear to be working as expected, but may not be fully functional,” the account stated. “Authentication may still be affected, just like some other services.

“Here are some services that might be backed up: groups, game pages (sort of), thumbnails and images, authentication (probably).”

At 3:21pm on October 29, Roblox updated the service page to say that the company is “actively working on redemptions” and that “some users are starting to get limited access.”

Why is roblox down?

At 10:08 p.m. on October 30, Roblox said they had “identified the internal cause behind the outage” and were working on a fix. They also thank users for their patience.

At 4:31pm on Sunday, October 31, the company again told customers that they were “working to bring things back online” but there was no confirmation of a fix.

When will roblox be back up ?

when will roblox be back up

Finally, Roblox was back online at 23:45 on October 31 and the company released a statement from CEO David Baszucki.

“The platforms in our infrastructure have become overburdened, driven by hidden glitches in our back-end service communications when they are under heavy load,” Baszucki wrote. “This is not due to peak external traffic or any particular experience. Rather, the failure is due to the increasing number of servers in our data center.

“The result is that most services on Roblox are not able to communicate and publish effectively.”

Does Roblox provide Robux for free?

Since then, many Roblox users have reached out to Roblox on Twitter to claim the free in-game currency, Robux, as compensation for the days when the platform is down.

However, there is still no indication from Roblox or confirmed examples of this. At the moment, it seems unlikely that Roblox will provide free Robux to affected users. Sumber :

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